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Prerequisite: Orientation to Family and Consumer Sciences (FC100A)

This course includes classroom and laboratory experiences needed to develop a knowledge and understanding of culinary principles and nutrition for people of all ages.

 Course content encompass’:  food service and preparation management using the decision -making process; meeting basic needs by applying nutrition concepts; maximizing resources when planning, preparing, preserving, and serving food.



Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition I (FC103)

This class provides principles of application into the hospitality industry, including nutrition, and culinary skills.

Course content includes the following: selection, purchase, preparation, and conservation of food, dietary needs and trends,  regional & international cuisine, safety and sanitation. Many of these concepts will be interpreted through laboratory experiences.

This course introduces students to the field of family and consumer sciences and the many career opportunities available in this broad field. The course includes theory and laboratory experiences in the following content areas:

Nutrition and culinary arts; textiles and design; family, career, and community leadership development; resource management; human development and life-long learning; facility design, care, and management; and interpersonal relationships and life management skills. (Materials for sewing projects will be supplied by the student.)

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